Individual psychotherapy

The alliance shared between client and therapist is foundational to individual psychotherapy. The relationship, built upon authenticity and trust, encourages insight and growth. Meeting each client with unconditional positive regard, empathic understanding, and genuineness, I provide a safe container to foster the development of the individual’s therapeutic goals, explore relational dynamics, and cultivate self-efficacy. My integrative approach combines a foundation of affirmative, psychodynamic, and humanistic orientations in conjunction with skills and interventions from CBT, DBT, and experiential therapies to best fit each individual’s unique needs and goals.

Children and Adolescents

When working with children and adolescents, I use experiential therapy and developmentally-appropriate mindfulness practices concurrently with my psychotherapeutic approach in order to assure meaningful rapport building while addressing treatment goals. I take into account each individual’s developmental, cognitive, and emotional needs in regards to the balance between talk therapy and experiential approaches. When therapeutically appropriate or necessary, child-parent sessions or family sessions may occasionally be integrated into the child’s or adolescent’s treatment plan in order to assure the highest quality of care.

Couples counseling

The central focus of couples therapy is the interpersonal dynamic shared between partners. Through the therapist’s mediation and provided safe container, each partner learns to ask for what they want and to say no, while maintaining self-respect and honoring the relationship. For most effective and long-term results, I often encourage partners seeking couples therapy to attend individual psychotherapy with an outside clinician concurrently. When working with couples, I maintain my integrative style in combination with Gottman method and EFT approaches.